Useful Tree Species for Eastern Africa

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Riverine woodland (wr)


In Marsabit district (Kenya), some woodlands occur at low elevations (< 1000 m) on sandy alluvial soils along the larger seasonal streams where periodic stream flow and the increased moisture storage-capacity of the sandy soils compensate for low rainfall and high potential evaporation. Acacia tortilis is the dominant species of these woodlands (White 1983 p. 121). In the VECEA map, we mapped this vegetation type and other riverine woodland and wooded grassland communities together with riverine forests (fr) and riverine thickets (br) as “riverine wooded vegetation" (R).

  1. Gachathi 2010; Figure 14.1 in VECEA Volume 3

Useful woody species

Open the Excel workbook to obtain information on species composition for this vegetation type, or to select a subset of useful tree species to provide desired products and services.


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