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Zanzibar-Inhambane transition woodland


Zanzibar-Inhambane transition woodland is dominated by Brachystegia spiciformis. These vegetation communities where Zanzibar-Inhambane forest species occur together with heliophilous (‘sun-loving’) Zambezian woodland species are intermediate between forest and woodland. Some of these communities are stable, whereas others are clearly seral as forest encroachment can be observed. Brachystegia spiciformis forms almost pure stands on white sterile sands where complete succession to forest is unlikely, as in the Arabuko-Sokoke forest (Fp; White 1983 p. 188). In the VECEA map, we mapped Zanzibar-Inhambane transition woodland together with various Zanzibar-Inhambane forest types in the coastal mosaic (CM).

Based on the floristic overlap with Miombo woodland, especially when considering the dominant species, this type is considered as a sub-type of the Miombo woodland. For a list of species, largely based on the description of the coastal areas of Kenya and Tanzania by Burgess and Clarke (2000; Appendix 2 Table 8), see the species list of Wm. The species are listed in the column 'coastal'.


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