Useful Tree Species for Eastern Africa

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Miombo woodland on hills and rocky outcrops (Wmr)


A subtype of Miombo woodland. Gо to Wm for a description and the species list.

Conservation status

The table shows the area (km2) of the vegetation type and the percentage of this area explicitly designated for biodiversity, species or landscape protection (A) and areas designated for both protection and sustainable use objectives (B). Only the nationally designated protected areas were included.

PNV Area (km2) A (%) B (%)
Wmr 32,838 13.20 10.80
Wmr/Fg 139 0.00 94.20
Wmr/Fo 71 0.00 25.40

A) Include the IUCN categories I - IV; B) Include the IUCN categories V - VI and the protected areas without IUCN classification. Read more


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