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Combretum wooded grassland (Wc)


Trapnell and Langdale-Brown (1972 p. 133) mention that Combretum wooded grassland is the major wooded grassland vegetation type of East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda). In these Combretum wooded grasslands, various broad-leaved Combretum species are associated with larger-leaved species of Terminalia (another species of the Combretaceae botanical family; Terminalia has two-winged woody fruits, whereas Combretum has four-winged woody fruits) in wetter areas, and with smaller-leaved Terminalia species in drier areas.

In the VECEA region, we mapped two subtypes of Combretum wooded grassland: dry Combretum wooded grassland (Wcd) and moist Combretum wooded grassland (Wcm). In areas of the VECEA region that occur in the Zambezian floristic region, we reclassified Combretum wooded grassland communities as subtypes of North Zambezian undifferentiated woodland (Wn; see also Box 1 in Volume 3).

I. Friis and Sebsebe Demissew 2008; Figure 4.2 in VECEA Volume 3

Conservation status

See the tables of dry Combretum wooded grassland (Wcd) and moist Combretum wooded grassland (Wcm).


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